Realtime Code Hosting
Deploying your code

  • Mar 21, 2015
  • Starting Guide

Code is deployed to your mules using Git pull. When you subscribe to the Realtime Code Hosting feature you have the option of using our internal private Git repository or your own repository (e.g. Bitbucket or GitHub).

Using your own Git repository allows you to push your using your preferred Git client and simply use the Realtime Console to deploy a given commit to your running mules (newly deployed mules will always pull the most recent commit). If you prefer this option the only thing you’ll need to remember is to prefix your script files with the allowed HTTP method (e.g. GET ,POST, …).

The following image shows a private BitBucket repository with some Realtime Code Hosting scripts:

The POST prefix in the login.js script means that we want this function to be invoked using the HTTP POST method.

One of our major goals was keeping Code Hosting affordable to any app so in the next section we'll describe the billing model.

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