Realtime Code Hosting

  • Mar 21, 2015
  • Starting Guide

The Realtime Cloud Storage database-as-a-service has been powering many web and mobile apps with a highly-scalable and highly-available data store, allowing developers to focus on their app’s features instead of losing precious time managing the data infrastructure.

However many developers mentioned that it would be great to have some sort of server-side triggers that could be executed when some user updates an item and custom functions that could be called through a RESTful API to perform server-side validations and other proprietary business logic. These procedures should run in the server, near the data, instead of running in the client devices or web browsers.

The new Realtime Code Hosting feature delivers that and more.

In the following video we’ll give you an overview demo of the main topics so you get an idea of what we’ve been building for you.

Pretty exciting, right? The following sections unpack the main concepts presented in the video with some more insights and use cases.

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