Realtime Cloud Storage


Adds a new table to the user's application. Take into account that, even though this operation completes, the table stays in a ‘creating’ state. While in this state, all operations done over this table will fail with a ResourceInUseException.


curl '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8' -d '{ "applicationKey": "[YOUR_APP_KEY]", "authenticationToken": "[YOUR_TOKEN]", "table": "SampleUser", "key": { "primary": { "name":"category", "dataType": "string" }, "secondary": { "name":"id","dataType":"number" } }, "provisionType":1, "provisionLoad":2 }'


String applicationKey

Public key of the application's license.

String privateKey optional

Private key of the application's license. For administration use only.

String authenticationToken

Identification of the user using the application.

String table

The name of the table.

TableKey key

Key of the table.

Number provisionType

Defines the table’s number of operations per second. The allowed values are:

1: Light (26 operations per second)
2: Medium (50 operations per second)
3: Intermediate (100 operations per second)
4: Heavy (200 operations per second)
5: Custom (specify the required operations per second in throughput parameter)

Number provisionLoad

Defines how the number of operations per second are distributed between the read and write operations on a table. The allowed values are:

1: Read (Assign more read capacity than write capacity)
2: Balanced (Assign similar read an write capacity)
3: Write (Assign more write capacity than read capacity)

Throughput throughput optional

Specifies the values for the read and write throughput capacity of a table. Only mandatory when the provision type is 5 (Custom).

CreateTableResponse callback

Function called when the operation completes.


CreateTableResponse(data, error)

Response of the createTable operation.

Object data

Error error

The attribute that holds the results of the operation if an error occurred.