Realtime Cloud Storage


Retrieves the item matching the given key.


curl '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8' -d '{ "applicationKey": "[YOUR_APP_KEY]", "authenticationToken": "[YOUR_TOKEN]", "table": "SampleUser", "key": { "primary": "developer", "secondary":1 } }'


String applicationKey

Public key of the application's license.

String privateKey optional

Private key of the application's license. For administration use only.

String authenticationToken

Identification of the user using the application.

String table

The name of the table.

DataKey key

Identification of the item.

String[] Attributes optional

Attributes that compose the item. If not present all attributes will be retrieved.

Boolean consistentRead optional

If set to true, then the operation uses strongly consistent reads; otherwise, eventually consistent reads are used.

GetItemResponse callback

Function called when the operation completes.


GetItemResponse(data, error)

Response of the getItem operation.

Object data

The retrieved items properties.

Error error

The attribute that holds the results of the operation if an error occurred.