Realtime Cloud Storage


Retrieves a list of the names of all the tables created by the user’s subscription.


curl '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8' -d '{ "applicationKey":"[YOUR_APP_KEY]", "authenticationToken":"[YOUR_TOKEN]" }'


String applicationKey

Public key of the application's license.

String privateKey optional

Private key of the application's license. For administration use only.

String authenticationToken

Identification of the user using the application.

String startTable optional

The name of the table from which to continue an earlier operation. This value is returned in the stopTable if that operation was interrupted before completion; either because of the result set size or because of the setting for limit.

Number limit optional

The maximum number of table names to evaluate (not necessarily the number of matching items).

ListTablesResponse callback

Function called when the operation completes.


ListTablesResponse(data, error)

Response of the listTables operation.

Object data

Error error

The attribute that holds the results of the operation if an error occurred.