Realtime Cloud Storage


Defines a role which is a set of rules that control access to the Storage database.


String name

The name of the role.

Policy policies

Contains the storage access rules.


var role = {
	name: "DeveloperRole",	
	policies: {
		database: {
			// permission to list all tables
			listTables: ["*"],
			// permission to create tables
			createTable : true,
			// permission only to update (throughput) table named 'SampleUser'
			updateTable : ["SampleUser"]
		tables: {
			Admin: { 
				// permission only for read operations (getItem, listItems, ...) over table 'Admin'
				allow: "R" 
			SampleUser:  { 
				// permission read and insert operations (getItem, listItems, setItem) over table 'SampleUser'
				allow: "CR"