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  • Feb 27, 2015
  • Starting Guide

The best way to understand a development framework is hacking with it, so don’t be shy, use the free tier. It’s free and fully functional. Register at

At the Realtime Cloud Storage GitHub repository,, you’ll find the source code of several examples using the available SDKs.

The TodoMVC example, coded using the JavaScript SDK an AngularJS can be used on-line at For greater awesomeness use it along with the iOS example to see a perfect real-time synch between a mobile device and a web site.

For more detailed info on every class and function please refer to the Realtime Cloud Storage Complete Reference at

The Realtime Framework was built to make the web and mobile developer’s life easier, so you can focus on building great apps without being concerned with managing messaging and storage servers in the cloud. Your opinion is of great value for us. So if you have any question or feedback please let us know, drop as an email at

We’ll be glad to help.
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